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Sometimes you will run into verbs such as anrufen, aufräumen, mitkommen. Reflexive Verbs are verbs involving the reflexive pronoun "sich" and its conjugations that reflect, or refer back, to the performer of the action. The subjunctive (of the past) expresses preference to perform the action of a subordinate clause 'Ich möchte nach Frankreich reisen' I would like to travel to France'. The person to say this would be driving during the time they say this and they would continue to drive after stating this for some time. (When he arrived i was at "the dishwashing") I was washing the dishes when he arrived.

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These verbs are examples of Separable Prefix Verbs. There are only accusative and dative reflexive pronouns. 'mögen' is cognate with the English verb 'may'/'mht'. You nominalize the verb ("fahren" (driving) becomes "das Fahren") and add a "am". So the verb "sein" (to be) includes the information what tense he was doing what he did in.

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When you see these kinds of verbs, it will have a preposition prefix followed by a verb. Accusative reflexive pronouns are used when there is no direct object. (There is also a present subjunctive möge, which is very formal: Der Kön sagte: "Er möge eintreten." - The king said: "He may enter.") müssen expresses something forced on you. There is a present progressive tense in colloquial spoken German. Here the progressive meaning is also emphasized with the word "gerade" meaning something like: I was JUST ABOUT to wash the dishes(not the same though because it means he is already doing it and not about to start).

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These verbs separate when they are the main verb of a sentence. Dative reflexive pronouns are used when a direct object is present. The Perfect Tense or das Perfekt of verbs is used to talk about things in the past which have already happened.

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